IL POR and UCB Markets Gear Up

Over 5 million customers in the Ameren/ComEd IL markets are in play as these markets implement SB1299-driven Purchase of Receivables [POR] and Utility-Consolidated Billing [UCB]. Ameren (1.2M customers) has completed pilot testing with Energy Services Group and is preparing for their test with remaining suppliers, targeting a Sep-2009 go live.  ComEd (3.8M customers) has put a stake in the ground with respect to implementation schedules, testing in 2nd half of 2010, with go live in Jan-2011.

Prior to SB1299, Ameren and ComEd only offered consolidated billing in ‘single bill option’, where suppliers put utility-provided T&D charges on their bills to customers.  For retailers, UCB makes it easier to bill customers, and POR helps stabilize revenue flow.

In a recent call, other SB1299 issues like Utility-driven Supplier Referral programs and Purchase of Uncollectibles were tabled.  A group of retailers will meet with the IL Commerce Commission [ICC] to try to frame a referral program to move that issue forward.  Given the design/standards/construction lead times associated with these market enhancements, further delays could push implementation well past 2012.  As always, cost recovery remains high on the list of ICC critical issues.  If interested, contact Torsten Clausen at the ICC.


IL CPWG Website:

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Public Act 95-0700 text (SB1299):

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