Billing and CIS Services

meterEnergy Services Group (ESG) combines award-winning technology with energy industry experts overseeing detailed business processes to deliver Prospect To Cash (P2C) energy billing and CIS services.

P2C is a comprehensive service offering – not just a software system – with tightly integrated back-office systems, robust billing capabilities and experienced staff supporting your daily operations. P2C features integrated transaction management, prospecting and commission tracking, customer care, complex product pricing, account receivables and payables management, and financial tracking and reporting.

ESG’s P2C energy billing service is markedly different than a pure ASP (Application Service Provider) model. In addition to the standard ASP functions, P2C provides support for daily staff operations such as price plan set-up and maintenance, resolution of market and transaction errors, reconciliation of cash accounts and upgrades for market changes.  Application deployment and maintenance, ongoing regulatory and market compliance, data backup, system redundancy-failover and disaster recovery, exception resolution, and help desk support are all the responsibility of ESG.

To discover specific ways your company can benefit from ESG’s Prospect To Cash services, please contact us at 781-347-9000 or email information@energyservicesgroup.net.