Wholesale Energy Services (WES)

solarRetail electric suppliers participating in wholesale electricity markets must effectively manage the systems, business processes, interfaces, required data inputs and reporting necessary to forecast, schedule and settle loads. These disparate processes vary by ISO, market and trading partner and require experienced personnel and proven systems to efficiently manage the data and business process, and generate reports that provide actionable information.

Energy Services Group’s Wholesale Energy Service (WES) provides systems and resources needed for reliable energy forecasting, scheduling, and settlement in ISO regions around the country. WES is an outsourced service providing both market implementation and recurring, daily, wholesale electricity market operations.

WES is tightly integrated with ESG’s Transaction Management Services providing access to all account and usage data needed for accurate forecasting and scheduling. WES also generates interval data using assigned profiles and allocates energy, ancillary and capacity fees by meter. WES is tightly integrated with ESG’s P2C billing services and can facilitate complex billing and pricing requirements.

ESG’s WES Portal provides online access to your forecasting, scheduling and settlement data. The WES Portal allows you to generate forecasts, and view and download past schedules and settlement data. WES also provides access to market and meter profile data, and numerous reports.

To see how ESG can improve your wholesale operations, please contact us at 781-347-9000 or by email at  information@energyservicesgroup.net.