Prospect to Cash - P2C

You need proven, robust and reliable customer billing and rapid market entry. Energy Services Group’s Prospect To Cash (P2C) delivers. Our investment in the recognized leader in Customer Information System (CIS) technology for the energy industry, and our existing transaction footprint in over 120 energy markets nationwide, combine to form a powerful billing solution found nowhere else in the industry.

With P2C you manage the entire retail energy customer life cycle. It boasts tightly integrated transaction management, prospecting and commission tracking, account set-up, detailed customer care, complex product pricing, accounts receivable and payable management, and financial tracking and reporting.

P2C tightly integrates with ESG’s Wholesale Energy Services (WES) so cost allocation details can be included in your P2C retail energy billing system. Your large commercial and industrial customers gain complete transparency to all of their wholesale costs.

P2C technical architecture uses a suite of open standards including Java that result in an n-tier, object oriented, distributed system utilizing an Oracle database.  P2C’s open architecture enables integration into virtually any environment regardless of hardware or software.

To see how Prospect To Cash can improve your customer billing process, please contact us to schedule a demonstration at 781-347-9000, or by email at information@energyservicesgroup.net.