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Energy Services Group


Expertise Across Retail Energy Markets

ESG’s end-to-end business process solution includes integrated modules covering sales and pricing, transaction management, billing and customer information, and wholesale energy services. This comprehensive range of proven solutions allows ESG to meet the needs of retail energy providers and utilities, regardless of size or level of sophistication, in more markets than any other vendor.

End-to-End Solution

With ESG, you get more than a one-size-fits-all solution. You can configure the modules to match your workflow, and you can choose an integrated solution or just select the modules you need.

Focus on Growing Your Business

The complexity of the retail energy business can be daunting for new market entrants and small energy suppliers, who are often faced with the challenge of rapidly expanding their customer base while minimizing staffing. In these circumstances, ESG’s end-to-end business process solution can help you avoid the unexpected back office issues that hamper your efforts to enroll customers, enter new markets, and achieve positive cash flow.

Build on Our Experience

With ESG business process solutions, the experience is built in. ESG understands the important factors that should be considered—whether developing pricing for a new customer or forecasting your wholesale energy requirements—and has incorporated them into all ESG solutions. When powered by ESG solutions, your business processes automatically reflect our depth of experience in the retail energy market.

Automated, Integrated Data Flow

We’ve constructed interfaces for more than 130 utilities, assuring the seamless, automated flow of transaction data between you and almost any trading partner you can imagine. And because ESG products are so tightly integrated, this data appears instantaneously wherever it’s needed throughout your system, eliminating the need for cross-checking and redundant data entry.

ESG solutions are scalable and extensible. No matter how fast your company grows, they will easily keep pace.

A Better Solution

Feeling trapped by the limitations of your current EDI system? Looking to automate more of your business processes? With ESG, you’ll see firsthand the difference a best-in-class back office system can have on your company’s performance—and profitability.

EDI: The Heart of Your System

Take our Transaction Management Solution (TMS). There are good reasons why our EDI solution is the most widely used solution in the business, connecting more than 9 million meters with more than 130 electric and gas utilities in 3 countries.

ESG’s time-tested file delivery system is extremely robust, easily scalable, and highly secure. It accommodates a wide range of market and client protocols, staying current with regulatory changes and an evolving market. And with TMS, you also get detailed, granular access to transactions, history, audit trails, reports, and more via our popular online Market Portal.


Automate the Full Range of Business Processes

In addition to transaction management solutions, ESG’s business process solutions include sales and pricing, billing and customer information, and wholesale energy services. Each advanced module is tightly integrated with our TMS and other modules, automatically and seamlessly moving data to streamline workflows.

Managing a Smooth Migration

ESG business process solutions are modular and easily configurable. And while migration to a new platform might sound intimidating, ESG’s experts have been through the process scores of times. ESG professionals ensure that data migration and integration with your existing solutions is as smooth and uneventful as possible.

We Know Your Customers

As new retail energy suppliers enter the market and the number of meters they service increases, electric and gas utilities find it harder and harder to efficiently manage new trading partners and larger meter volumes. Maintaining staff and systems and managing changing regulatory protocols can quickly become a very expensive undertaking.

A Proven Provider

ESG offers utilities a turnkey solution to transaction management that reduces the risks and costs of providing them in-house. We have the most robust energy transaction exchange available, one that has been proven hundreds of times over. And we have successfully tested and certified more energy suppliers and distribution companies in more markets than any other transaction management vendor in North America. The result: ESG’s Transaction Management Solution executes flawlessly and reflects the priorities of your trading partners.

Rapid Integration

You can count on your ESG implementation to be rapid and reliable. ESG professionals have extensive transaction management experience across the retail energy market, and our underlying technology and business processes were designed to quickly integrate with utility and retail energy supplier internal systems and processes. Partnering with ESG allows utilities to establish their electronic marketplace faster and at a lower cost than any other solution.