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Energy Services Group


International Markets

ESG has the expertise to move quickly and take advantage of opportunities.

The most successful global businesses rely on trusted business relationships and partners to help them expand internationally. Choosing the right partner early in the process of entering foreign markets improves the likelihood of becoming the market leader.

Ambition and Know-How

Accessing customers in deregulated energy markets around the world requires ambition, know-how and the ability to stand out from the competition.  Successfully running operations in one country is no guarantee that setting up shop in a new region with different rules, regulations, protocols, and language barriers will be easy. 

Expanding a retail energy business globally becomes greatly simplified when the back-office processes are supported by a fully-localized solution tailored for the regions where new opportunities await.  Partnering with ESG for key back office functions and support provides the expertise needed to free up valuable resources and time that are better directed toward acquiring new customers.

With ESG’s extensive knowledge of deregulated energy markets, Energy retailers seeking to reach customers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Japan and Mexico can benefit from having a single partner that allows them access to these global markets.

Energy retailers can benefit from a having a single partner that allows them access to these global markets.