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Energy Services Group


The Back Office Solution for a Demanding Market

The retail energy market is dynamic, highly fragmented, and intensely competitive. It’s a market where time is of the essence, accuracy is imperative, and reliability and security are givens. ESG’s end-to-end business solution is designed to provide an exceptional foundation for retail energy providers and utilities to flourish.

Energy Services Group Offers

ESG consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations by providing solutions that deliver faster time to market, lower regulatory and operational risk, improve business performance, and produce superior financial results.

Combining Energy Market Experience and Technical Expertise

The key to ESG’s advantage is our unique combination of energy market and technical expertise. Our Retail Energy Enterprise Solutions (REES) solutions reflect our comprehensive understanding of the entire sequence of retail energy business processes—from sales and transaction management through billing and wholesale energy purchasing. This enables us to design fully integrated back-office solutions that simplify processes and that reflect the way people work.

At the same time, ESG also possess the technical expertise to translate our business process knowledge into highly efficient, highly secure systems. This expertise includes everything from creating market rules and building data dictionaries for more than 150 electric and gas utilities to mastery of a variety of enterprise-class tools and technologies.

The Support to Resolve Exceptions Rapidly

Even in the most perfect system, exceptions can mount up rapidly, draining resources from operations. The ability to resolve exceptions quickly and to do so across many marketplaces and with many trading partners separates those retail energy providers who succeed from those who fail.

ESG is a leader in developing automated techniques for exception handling, but when these fall short, our experienced energy marketplace professionals step in. They are outstanding in their ability to identify, isolate, quantify, track, and resolve business exceptions, reducing client risk and maximizing operational efficiency.

Reliable and Secure

At ESG, we do not tolerate downtime. We have optimized our system architecture to deploy quickly and efficiently while recording the industry’s smallest number of failures and downtime. In addition, we employ redundancy at every level of our systems, from site to data redundancy. And our scalable technical and personnel system design ensures our ability to accommodate surges in transaction and exception volume.

At the same time, we place a priority on security. Access to our data center, for instance, is protected by two physical authentication points, and we follow or exceed best practices for network, application, and data security.

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