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Data Management

The Heart of Your Business

Effective, efficient, high-quality transaction management is the prerequisite for successful retail operations. That’s why ESG’s Transaction Management Services has emerged as the most widely used EDI solution in the business. It supports all retail energy supplier and utility data exchange requirements, including systems implementation, market testing and certification, ongoing operations, and exception management.

Comprehensive and Thorough

With ESG’s Transaction Management Services, you don’t have to master all the complex requirements of doing business in deregulated energy markets — ESG does it for you. Transaction Management Services supports the range of technologies, data formats, regulatory mandates, and client and market business rules needed for you to grow your business while minimizing regulatory and operational risk.

One Standard Format for All Your Transactions

ESG’s standard interface, Conduit Transaction Gateway, provides a normalized view into all deregulated markets, simplifies systems implementation, and speeds market entry.

No matter what the market mandate or trading partner specification, our Conduit Transaction Gateway delivers transactions in a single uniform format that interfaces effortlessly with our Prospect to Cash Services module, as well as most billing and CIS systems, reducing client integration costs.

Market Portal

ESG’s Market Portal provides easy, online access to all your transaction data. It allows you to create, send, and receive EDI transactions, view and download meter and account data, monitor usage and invoices, automate transaction responses, communicate with trading partners, and create advanced queries and reports. Your customer service reps can query it for real-time status information and transaction history while responding to live support inquiries. Flexible, Secure, Reliable The Market Portal is highly flexible and can be easily configured to support custom-data processing needs. It also offers powerful user authentication and administrative access controls as well as layers of system redundancy to ensure the highest levels of data security and reliability.

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