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Sales Management & Pricing

When Every Minute Counts

In today’s competitive environment, the faster you generate price proposals the faster you can close the deal. Ensuring profitable quotes in a timely manner is a win/win for energy suppliers, brokers and your customers. With ESG’s Sales & Pricing (S&P) Management module, you can create standardized pricing plans and generate pricing proposals for customers quickly and efficiently, increasing the productivity of your agents and brokers.

Using forward price curves and historical usage data, S&P Management Service allows pricing managers to easily build, update, and publish prices for all your products. It can accommodate complex business models as well as multiple customer classes and allows managers to create complex products using a built-in product editor. Once a contract is executed, it generates a customer record and generates an enrollment transaction.

Managing the Sales Process

Sales & Pricing Management Service is the first solution in the retail energy industry to effectively combine price plan development with sales process management. Brokers and internal sales team members can manage multiple prospect opportunities and request pricing while adhering to and documenting approved practices for prospecting, quoting, and contract generation.

Sales & Pricing Management Service also provides management with critical sales and pricing controls as well as a view into the sales lifecycle for each account and sales representative.

Sales & Pricing Management Portal

The Sales & Pricing Portal is the online point of entry for managers as well as sales and brokers. Pricing Managers use the built-in editor to modify forward price curves, generate products using the built-in product editor, request historical usage from a variety of sources, generate pricing quotes, and monitor sales activity.

At the same time, sales staff and brokers come to the portal to manage the complete sales cycle.

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