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Storage and Pipeline Management

Handling Complexity in a Simple, Affordable Way

Owners of capital-intensive pipelines and storage facilities operate in a complex ecosystem with round-the-clock interactions among pipeline administrators, storage facilities, shippers, and field and plant personnel. ESG helps streamline these transactions through cost-efficient, internet-based systems: QuickNom® Pipeline Management System for pipeline operators and NGI Natural Gas Storage Management System for natural gas storage facilities and hubs.

Efficiency Matters

When transactions and reports are exchanged by phone, email or fax, or need to be reformatted to interface with different systems, it’s not only time-consuming, it exposes business owners to the risks of delayed or incorrect information.

By automating pipeline and storage management processes through ESG’s centralized internet-based systems, data is shared instantaneously, which allows for timely responses to everything from natural disasters requiring changes in schedules and routes to regulatory changes requiring filing of different information.

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Robust and Affordable for Operations of Any Size

ESG pipeline and storage management systems are used by customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small operators with only a few employees. They all enjoy these benefits:

QuickNom® Pipeline Management System

For operators of gathering, midstream, and interstate natural gas and crude oil pipelines, QuickNom is a cost-effective system for managing daily processes and activities.

Related Support for Compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Informational Postings Site Service supporting all FERC-mandated public postings in a standalone website or coupled with QuickNom for automatic postings of many daily and routine postings, saving pipeline operators valuable time and compliance headaches.

QuickTariff packaging tool for complying with FERC eTariff filing requirements. Used by electric utilities, pipeline operators, energy marketers, and law firms to file Tariffs and other jurisdictional documents electronically.

A Better Solution

Feeling trapped by the limitations of your current EDI system? Looking to automate more of your business processes? With ESG, you’ll see firsthand the difference a best-in-class back office system can have on your company’s performance—and profitability.

Find solutions that meet your needs today!

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