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Energy Services Group


Wholesale Forecasting, Scheduling & Settlement

Forecasting and Purchasing Energy

In order to sell energy on the retail market, you have to meet the complex array of requirements needed to operate as a wholesale market participant. This means being able to draw the necessary data from your transaction management system, make proper adjustments for diverse ISO, market, and trading partner requirements, and generate accurate load forecasts as well as arranging for scheduling and settlement. ESG Wholesale Energy Services (WES) manages and automates the entire process.

A Complete Solution

ESG’s Wholesale Energy Services module incorporates the following core functions:

Integrated or Standalone

ESG’s Wholesale Energy Services is tightly integrated with ESG’s Transaction Management Services, providing access to all account and usage data needed for accurate forecasting and scheduling. WES is also tightly integrated with ESG’s Prospect to Cash billing services and can facilitate complex billing and pricing requirements and more advanced reporting.

However, you always have the option of deploying WES with any other EDI and/or billing system capable of reliably providing required information on a daily basis.

Wholesale Energy Services Portal

ESG’s Wholesale Energy Services Portal gives retail energy suppliers a window into the energy market. It provides online access to your forecasting, scheduling, and settlement data. It allows you to generate forecasts, view and download past schedules, ISO invoices and settlement data, capture and record bilateral and financial trades, view position reports, and more.

Thanks to its powerful reporting capabilities, the Wholesale Energy Services Portal is an invaluable source of insight. Among other advantages, it enables you to monitor ever-changing market prices, supply needs, and regulations and adjust your procurement strategies accordingly. It can also help you to better understand the margins between wholesale costs and retail sales, helping you fine-tune your price-setting decisions.

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